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Westside students participating in QAMT Competition
Young Mathematicians Impress in Local QAMT Competition
If you’re quick with numbers, can recall complex theories in an instant, and dream mathematics, then join the ...
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Westside students in Brain Bee Challenge State Finals
Westside Students Excel in Brain Bee Challenge State Final
While most students relaxed these holidays, four students from Westside Christian College were proving themselves ...
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Westside Christian College FITChicks gather for their annual photo on a cold winter's morning
FIT Chicks Wraps for 2018 in Style
If you like waking up before the sunrise, completing army-style obstacle courses at 6am and think pushing yourself to ...
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Mr Mansfield leads devotions at the Westside Christian College 2018 BOBS Camp.
BOBS Builds Outstanding Blokes…and Campers!
Hands-up if you like camping enough to march across a freezing creek, cart over 250kgs of firewood and set up your ...
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