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Harrison Booth - Westside Christian College, set to make his debut in the FFA Cup.
Booth Goes Toe-To-Toe With The Best In The League
The FFA Cup will make a welcome return to the Australian sporting scene this weekend with the first Preliminary Round ...
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Abigail Lawrence With Her Award Winning Piece, 'Fractals.'
First Time’s The Charm as Lawrence Takes Top Honours
Year Twelve student, Abigail Lawrence, has taken this year’s top honours at the Independent Education Union ...
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Australian Touch Football player Danielle Davis runs students through their paces at Westside Christian College
Players Put Through Their Paces with Professional Footballer Danielle Davis
To prepare for the upcoming Touch Football Season, Westside ran a Development Afternoon on Friday 14 February. This ...
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History Comes to Life at Westside
Ancient and Modern History students are more equipped than ever to understand their world thanks to an immersive day ...
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