Fees and Charges

Westside Christian College offers outstanding Christian education with affordable fees.

Credit and Charges Policy

2020 Annual Fees

Year Level 1st Child 2nd child 3rd Child 4th and Subsequent Child
Prep $4,616 $3,923 $1,615 $0.00
Year 1 $5,280 $4,488 $1,848 $0.00
Year 2 $5,532 $4,702 $1,936 $0.00
Year 3 $5,650 $4,802 $1,977 $0.00
Year 4 $6,044 $5,137 $2,115 $0.00
Year 5 $5,888 $5,004 $2,060 $0.00
Year 6 $6,109 $5,192 $2,138 $0.00
Year 7 $6,914 $5,876 $2,419 $0.00
Year 8 $7,689 $6,535 $2,691 $0.00
Year 9 $8,479 $7,207 $2,967 $0.00
Year 10 $8,308 $7,061 $2,907 $0.00
Year 11 $8,880 $7,548 $3,108 $0.00
Year 12 $8,817 $7,494 $3,085 $0.00

Compulsory Building Fund Levy

Per Family $157.50 per term.

Enrolment Fees

Registration Fee (RF) Payable per family per annum $137.50 inc GST
Student Confirmation Fee (SCF) Payable per student $500.00 nil GST
For the Student Confirmation Fee there is a maximum of $550.00 per family when all students are enrolled in the same year, even if the year of entry is different. Once the student has completed one month of schooling, an amount of $250.00 will be credited against School Fees.

Additional Costs

  • Uniforms
  • Stationery (Secondary)
  • Year 6 camp to Canberra

Optional Activities

  • Bus Transport to and from school – if required
  • Courses delivered by external providers
  • Instrumental Music Tuition
  • Horse Riding (Primary SEE only)
  • Year 8 & 9 Leadership Camp
  • Extra curricular activities such as Fit Chicks, Ski Trip etc

Fee Rebates

Annual in advance: 1.5% rebate on 2020 School Fees if paid in full by Friday 13-Dec-2019.

Term On-time Payment: $50 rebate each term if fees are paid in full by that term’s due date.

Payment Options

The preferred method of payment is Direct Debit, set up by the College.  This is administered at no cost to families. See Payments or the Credit & Charges Policy for a full list of payment options.

School Fee Finance

Edstart can provide low-cost payment plans for families interested in reducing their fee payments by paying off College fees over a longer period.

Edstart is a private company that allows parents to pay their College Fees and Charges off over time – up to 5 years after their youngest child graduates, thereby reducing their individual regular payments.

To find out more about financing school fees through Edstart, go to edstart.com.au.

Please note that in providing information about Edstart, Westside Christian College is not providing a recommendation or endorsement. Westside Christian College is not involved in any agreement between you and Edstart and does not receive any financial benefit from Edstart. Please seek independent financial advice when dealing with any financial institution.

Payment Methods

Direct Debit Calculation and Authority

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