Vision, Mission and Values

Our Vision

Westside Christian College desires to be a school where faith in God (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) and learning go together.

Our Mission

The Mission of Westside Christian College is, with humble reliance upon the grace of God,
to prepare and equip our young people for an abundant life of learning, faith and service, for the common good and the glory of God.

Our Values

Westside’s CLASS values of:

  • Christlikeness
  • Learning
  • Achievement
  • Social Responsibility
  • Service

These values are embedded in everything we do at our College and form the core of who we are. Our CLASS values provide cohesiveness in our planning and are an easy to understand reference for staff and students in the development of our College’s structure. These values define what is important to us for the lives and learning of our students.

CLASS values

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