At Westside Christian College Kindergarten (WCCK) we believe that every child is a special creation of God. Our purpose is to nurture all children of all abilities and beliefs in a loving, supportive environment that values play.

We believe that all children should have the opportunity to achieve, belong and feel cared for.

Our curriculum

We offer a Queensland Government Kindergarten Approved program.

We take the time to get to know your child’s strengths, interests and curiosity. We like to plan our learning collaboratively with children and families. Our holistic approach to learning focuses on the cognitive, emotional, social, physical and spiritual growth of your child.

Learning through play

At WCCK we don’t differentiate between a time for learning and time to play. There is a vital connection between the two that allows children the freedom to express ideas, learn about their world and the people in it and to feel a desire to know more!

Through play children become problem makers and problem solvers, scientists, engineers, teachers and learners.

The biggest changes in children in their Kindergarten year is their social wellbeing. Through play, children learn to negotiate relationships, learn how to share and take turns and learn how to care for each other in a loving and kind space.

Our team

Our team of educators are committed to providing a high quality program that exceeds the National Quality Standards. We have four-year Bachelor qualified early childhood teachers for each class. Our assistants are either Diploma or Certificate qualified. We are more than just our qualifications however. Our staff bring a Christian approach to teaching children and take the time to get to know families and their children.

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