Our Chaplains

Our College Chaplains are genuine, caring Christians, whose aim is to provide necessary pastoral support to students in need. The well-being of students: socially, emotionally and spiritually is their focus. They work closely with the teachers and other support staff at Westside. They can also provide referrals to outside support services, when required.

The foundation of our Chaplain’s work is the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ – the good news that God’s Son died for the forgiveness of our sins and was raised to life again so we can have a new life with God.

Our Primary School Chaplain is Miss Ellice van Bennekom. She is a past student of the College. She can be contacted at the College on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

Our Secondary School Chaplain is Miss Serena Langenbruch. She is a sports mad, highly travelled and gentle young lady. Serena has completed Theological Degrees and experienced youth work and chaplaincy in the past. Serena can be contacted at the College on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. 

Our Secondary School Chaplains are partly funded by the Australian Government’s National School Chaplaincy Program. 

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