A very limited number of bursaries will be offered to Secondary (Years 7 to 12) students by Westside Christian College in 2024 based on Academic Excellence or General Excellence (Citizenship, the Arts, Sport). Successful applicants will receive a reduction in tuition fees through to the end of their Secondary years subject to the student and family continuing to meet the requirements of the bursary. For families whose personal means would otherwise preclude enrolment at the College, application can be made for the bursary application to be means tested by completing the Means Tested Application in addition to the Bursary Application.

All bursary applications require evidence of academic achievement, exemplary character and contribution to school/community life.

Please contact the Enrolments Office on 07 3437 9000 if you have any further questions.

Bursary applications for 2025 close on Friday 23 August 2024.

2025 Application Pack

2025 Bursary Scheme Information

2025 Bursary Application form

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