Celebrity Chef Shares His Secrets With Westside

More than a household staple, if you grew up watching daytime TV in the early 2000s, you’ll be familiar with Alastair McLeod.

You might remember him as a regular on the long-running series, Ready, Steady, Cook amongst other shows.

On Friday 22nd October Westside’s Hospitality Practices, Food Technology, and Food & Nutrition students were wowed by the Lockyer Valley food ambassador.  McLeod is well-known across Australia for his vivacious cooking demonstrations and ability to weave a great story while cooking up a storm.  He did not disappoint!  Apart from learning about nutrition and the value of cooking with fresh ingredients, students also took home some fantastic insight into the culinary industry.  One student commented, ‘the food was great, but what really got me was the way he linked stories and food.’  Who knows – maybe one day the next big Celebrity Chef might be a Westside student.

Celebrity Chef Shares His Secrets With Westside Christian College Students

Students sit mesmerised by McLeod’s effortless style.

Mr Joshua Mansfield, Head of Secondary, sampling some of McLeod’s work, noted between mouthfuls, ‘I love walking past the kitchens and poking my head in to see what the latest dish is.  And I think it’s fantastic that we can run these classes from right in the centre of the school, so everyone can smell what is happening.’

 Centrally located on the Stuart Street campus, students in this department are often seen developing their real-world skills, from designing menus and venues, to running café restaurants and undertaking specialty barista courses. Who knows, you may even have spotted students and staff hard at work during intermission at College productions or on Open Nights?  Mrs. Jackson and Miss Loder run an exciting and engaging program, which is highly popular with students who thrive in high-paced, creative, team environments.

Alastair McLeod, classically trained in the European tradition, now calls Brisbane, home, where is able to connect with his Australian and Torres Strait Islander roots. McLeod also runs Al’fresh Co – a renowned catering/markets/produce supplier and is an ambassador for the Lockyer Valley Region. He regularly tours Australia at food festivals and is a familiar face to anyone who watches Weekender on Network 7.


Stay tuned and see what our students serve up next!

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