Riding High Ahead of National Cycling Championships

It’s 5am. While most people are tucked in their beds, Haddon’s eyes firmly are on the road ahead.

300 kilometres a week of gruelling climb and sprint training is not out of the ordinary for one of Australia’s rising track cycling starts. Between 24th – 27th February Haddon will represent Queensland at the Junior Track National Championships (JTNC).

Haddon Kilmartin

Haddon has been chosen to represent Queensland at the Junior Track National Championships

But Haddon has more than a one-track mind. The Year 11 student knows the importance of balancing the demands of Senior schooling with his love of cycling: “Like riding, it’s all about balance. Being disciplined in my cycling helps me stay disciplined in my studies.”

Haddon is just one of only a handful of Queenslanders competing for first place. Thinking about the big event, he smiles: “I’m nervous, but I’m ready. It’s always an honour to represent Queensland.” Haddon has big dreams: “It’s a stepping stone towards even bigger things. I’d love to be a professional cyclist.”


The aim of the JTNC is to provide competition for juniors, help them make the transition to elite racing and ensure the long-term future of track cycling within Australia and the growth of their high performance talent base.

Westside Christian College congratulates Haddon on an outstanding achievement and we wish him all the best.

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