The Future of Health is at Westside

 It’s early on a Monday morning and whilst thousands wonder where the weekend went, three Westside students are preparing to make a difference. Meet Ethan, Nicole and Lilyana. Visit the Ipswich hospital any time over the next twelve months and you just might get the chance.

With an ageing population and an ever-increasing need for quality healthcare, this unique course aims to equip graduates with the skills and knowledge necessary to work in a dynamic health environment. Lilyana van Twest, who sees her future in midwifery, reflects on an article published by UCLA, “for me, it’s about having a positive impact on people’s well-being. That starts with the heart.” Sitting beside her, Nicole McGrath affirms, “I want to see people get better. To me, that requires someone who genuinely wants to connect with them.”


It won’t be easy, but nothing this rewarding is. – Ethan Hill, Year 11 student.


Westside students(L-R): Ethan Hill, Lilyan van Twest, Nicole McGrath are ready to pursue their dreams

Undertaking the highly-prized Certificate III in Health Services Assistance is no simple task. Of more than sixty quality applicants from across Ipswich, only ten were accepted. Three of those were from Westside. Stepping out from the classroom and into surgical, medical, geriatric and palliative care wards requires a special kind of maturity. Ethan Hill, aspiring paediatrician, nods in agreement, “it won’t be easy, but nothing this rewarding is. To build connections and care for people’s needs is a special privilege.” These high-flying students are committed to exceptional results and outcomes for patients.


This unique opportunity comes at a time where Westside Christian College has cemented itself as a school of choice for students pursuing careers in health and medicine. In recent years it has competed strongly in globally-recognised competitions such as the Science and Engineering Challenge and the Brain Bee Challenge. College Principal, Barry Leverton believes it is the heart of the College which sets it apart, “Learning to care for others, the ability to work with others, communication, creativity and problem-solving are as important as ever. Westside works hard to develop these skills in its students.” All three students agree this is more than just a certificate course, but a stepping stone towards something far greater.


Expect to meet Westside students like Lilyana, Ethan and Nicole next time you visit the Ipswich Hospital.

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