Year 2’s Explore Life in the past

Learning History the fun way!

Coonenana House Classroom

Cooneana House Classroom

Year 2’s visited Cooneana Heritage Centre last Thursday 25th February, to experience hands-on what life was like in the past.  The children explored vintage motor cycles and mowers, tried on vintage clothing and were taught like children were 100 years ago!    

The heritage worker’s cottage also had many other everyday items for them to see first hand.   The centre is run by volunteers of the Ipswich Historical Society and we thank them for showing us around on such a hot day.

Abe commented,  “We got to go into a pretend olden day school and the teacher was very strict.  She even had a cane.  My favourite part was the lawn mowers without engines because we got to race each other and I won the race.” 



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