A Taste of High School For Year Six Students

Our Year 6 students are busy completing their final year of Primary schooling with one eye on the Secondary school learning journey that awaits them next year.

On 28 March 2019, we invited the Year 6s to come and join our Secondary school to experience two high school lessons.  Completing a Science Lesson in our modern Science Labs with Mr Baker and Mr Morgan, and/or a Music Lesson in our new Creative Industries Precinct with Mr Wilcox and/or a Technology lesson in our Workshop with Mr Raftery, students were able to enjoy some exciting learning opportunities.  As they moved through their lessons the excitement on their faces was clear as they started to imagine what life would be like in High School.

Year 6 students enjoying the new Westside Christian College Creative Industries Building

Year 6 students enjoying making music in the new Creative Industries building.


Mr Davies, the Year 7 Co-ordinator states the purpose of the day as, ‘…  a great opportunity for Primary students to see that High School is not scary, but exciting.  The learning that they will do across their six years in High School can take them places they can only dream of.  It is also a great chance for us as teachers to begin to build relationships with students who will be in over on our campus next year.

As the students left the campus with their projects or musical instruments, Mr Mansfield reflected, ‘These students didn’t even realize they were learning! That’s the beauty of having the facilities to allow students to create, design, experiment and play – they learn, but they enjoy themselves at the same time.  We look forward to having all of these students back here next year – they were a great group of Year 6s.’

To our Year 6 students, we encourage you to return on May 10 for the Open Night and experience even more of what the High School has to offer.

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