Exceptional OP Results for Westside Students

Westside students have again exceeded the state average, with results released Saturday.

It’s the early hours of Saturday morning and across the state, thousands of Year Twelve graduates sit in front of their screens, eagerly awaiting QCAA’s release of the OP scores for 2018. Thirteen years of study comes down to this moment.

For students at Westside Christian College, this is a time of celebration. Nearly one-in-three (28.8%) students will soon find out they received an OP result between 1 and 5, including three OP 1s. But there is more to the story. For 2018 College Captain Zoe Acutt, this is the culmination of years of dedication, “The learning here is second-to-none. The school didn’t simply focus on our results, but on us as people. We were just as strongly encouraged to give back to our community, to love the marginalised and to consider the big picture of why we’re here.”

Westside Christian College OP1s 2018

Zoe Acutt, Dawid Brits and Stephanie Massri achieved OP 1 results.

However, quantifiable results only paint a small picture of life at Westside. The College has always stood by its motto: Opportunities for Everyone. In QCAA’s 2017 OP Data Summary, it was stated that an increasing number of school students are no longer pursuing an OP-eligible pathway. Barry Leverton, College Principal reflects on this, “We still allow any student who wants to study for an OP to do so.”  Head of Secondary, Joshua Mansfield, agrees, “These results are great, but the question I ask, is, ‘are our graduates coming out as good people?’ I believe the answer is ‘yes’. That’s what a Westside education is all about.”

This cohort displayed a good work ethic throughout the year. It is pleasing to see their hard work rewarded.” – Barry Leverton, College Principal.

2019 will be the last year students will be issued an OP score. In 2020, students will receive an ATAR (Australian Tertiary Admission Ranking), which allows for nation-wide consistency and comparability. June Balfour, Director of Learning at the College believes Westside students are well-prepared for the new system, “We’re not simply focused on results. What makes the difference is the character of the student. We equip our students to be determined, to be critical thinkers, to be creative, and to face challenges with grace. These underpinning factors are what makes the difference.

Expect to see Westside graduates like Zoe, Dawid and Stephanie in law firms, hospitals and engineering companies near you.

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