Barnyard Babies Visit Year 1

The sound of excited children and the bleating of ‘kids’ was heard loud and clear before classes started on Thursday April 14.

As students, parents and siblings arrived to school this day, they were greeted with a bleat a cluck and a snort!  Under the covered area of the Junior primary school stood a fenced-off area slowly being filled with all kinds of baby animals!

This was the annual visit from Barnyard Babies who had come to visit our Year 1 students.  “It is a great introduction to our Farm theme this term, and it gives the children a first-hand experience of many farm animals.  The children had the opportunity to pat and brush lambs, baby goats, ducks, piglets and chickens.  Their  favourite animals were the chickens.  The children loved to pick them up and cuddle them, and the chickens didn’t seem to mind at all.  The children also had a turn of feeding a baby goat with a bottle of milk.”  Mrs B. Reyne

As the term continues the students will draw upon this experience for their learning in both reading and writing.











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