Emma Tops The Nation in Geography Competition

Year Eight student, Emma Newell, recently achieved an outstanding result in the Australian Geography Competition. Emma’s results placed her above 99% of the nation.

The Australian Geography Competition is an initiative of the Royal Geographical Society of Queensland and the Australian Geography Teachers’ Association. The 35-minute examination tests not only factual knowledge, but pushes students to consider important environmental issues that impact our daily lives.

None of the rigours of the test phased the bubbly Emma, whose ability to think outside the box placed her in the top 1% in the country. These competitions are great opportunities for students to develop examination skills and to test themselves above and beyond what is offered in the classroom.

Emma Newell Westside Christian College

Emma Newell finished in the top 1% of the country in the National Geography Competition.

In 2018, the College has funded students who have expressed a desire to compete in various competitions and it’s reaping rewards for students. The all-inclusive fee structure of the College allows any willing students the opportunity to achieve. Head of Secondary, Joshua Mansfield notes,  “apart from exciting results like Emma’s, we are also seeing an increased number of students developing examination awareness and pursuing areas of interest.” 

Shaking her hand as she receives her certificate, Elaine Niesler, Instruction Dean of Humanities, reflects “to have a Year 8 student sitting in the top 1% of the country in Geography is very exciting.”

Westside Christian College wishes to congratulate Emma on an outstanding result.

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