Immersive Science for Inquisitive Year Three Students

When was the last time you donned the white coat and goggles? Do you remember the thrill of your first science experiment? When was the last time you thought how did they do that?

Today, nearly eighty Year Three students ventured to the Stuart St campus and into Westside’s state-of-the-art science labs. They watched in amazement as Mrs Leverton, Instructional Dean of Science, turned clear liquids into shades of inviting pink, clouds of steaming white, and then back to transparent again.

Science, they learnt, is about more than just conducting experiments. Science is about careful observation, questioning what they see, and getting a little creative in the process. 

A Proud WCC Student and her Finished Fish

An excited Year Three student immerses herself in the world of science.

And then it was time to get hands-on. Using simple every-day ingredients, students used indicators, acids and bases to create original artworks. Squeals of delight followed surprised expressions as a blank purple fish became iridescent in shades pink and blue, speckled, lined and patterned. Proud Year Three students excited to take them back to their classrooms and finish decorating their new creations.

Mrs Leverton reflects, “Exploring science and learning about God’s creation is one of the best opportunities we can ever be offered.  What a privilege to share this with our young Junior Scientists today.”

Afterwards, students were able to hone their observation skills by viewing a variety of slides through microscopes. The intricacies of mammalian, plant and animal life exploded into macro as they saw the glory of God’s creation up-close. One student could be overheard exclaiming “I never knew something so small could be so detailed! It’s beautiful.”

On-hand to watch the events unfold were Mr Barry Leverton, Principal of the College and Mr Joshua Mansfield, Head of Secondary.

Mr Mansfield stated, “Our Science Department is an exciting place to learn.  Our Secondary students engage in hands-on learning over the course of the year, and it’s great that our Year 3 students come over and have the opportunity to do the same.  You can hear a pin drop when Mrs Leverton is in full flight; the students can hardly believe their eyes when the liquid changes colour.

Westside Christian College looks forward to welcoming its budding scientists as they make the journey to high school in 2022.

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