Humility and Hard Work Pays off for College Graduates

2015 was a record year for Westside Christian College, with 61% of students achieving OP1-10, ten per cent above the state average.


It was also the year Simran Goklaney was named World Vision Youth Ambassador for 2016.

It will be a busy year for Simran, who has accepted a QUT Vice-Chancellor’s Scholarship to study a dual degree in Laws and Business. On top of her studies, she will travel to third-world countries to see the work of World Vision first hand, presenting at schools across the state. Simran smiles “Westside

Principal and Graduates

2015 OP1 students celebrating their success.

cemented my desire to be a lawyer and make a difference in the world.”

In true Westside fashion, Simran has big dreams: “My dream is to work at The Hague in the International Court of Justice”.

Barry Leverton, Principal of the College is encouraged by the impact she has already had on the students of 2016: “Simran displayed remarkable strength of character to overcome extremely traumatic personal circumstances last year.” He added: “She focussed on doing what she could to alleviate the plight of others, while still applying herself to her studies.

Simran is not alone in celebrating the fruits of her labour. Fellow students Aidan Kleynhans, Jamie Hile and Kate Jackson all achieved OP1s. All have accepted scholarships to their university of choice. For these four, a bright future comes with opportunities to give back.

Westside Christian College congratulates last year’s graduates on their outstanding achievements.

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