Our Chaplains are Top of Their Class

Westside Christian College continues its legacy of learning In Thy Light

Recently,  Serena Langenbruch, one half of the Secondary school’s chaplaincy team, completed her Master of Divinity through Queensland College of Theology.

Serena Speaking

Serena addresses our Secondary students at our Shiloh assembly.

Serena, a passionate cricket fan, began her placement with Westside this year and already has made a difference. One Year 10 student exclaimed “Serena is the best! She’s always interested in how we’re going. She has a big, bright smile and has been a big help to us.” 

No stranger to the stresses of being a student she reflects on her journey, “it was hard but a really great, well-supported one. When I was in high school and uni, I was never top of my class, but I always seemed to get through without too much trouble, but studying this next level up at Bible College was hard. All the essays seemed longer… and my lecturers seemed to use words with more syllables than I was used to… it was an amazing environment to study in.

How does this help her chaplaincy? “Obviously, my chaplaincy units prepared me with the practical skills… Beyond that, I loved seeing throughout the Old Testament and New Testament stories the way in which God used small, simple things to do big things in people’s lives.

Josh Acason, a passionate Sydney Roosters supporter, joins Serena as the second half of the team.

Westside Christian College congratulates Serena as she guides and mentors our students in 2016.

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