Simpler Fee Structure, No Fee Increases in 2018

Westside Christian College is pleased to announce that along with a simpler, all-inclusive fee schedule, there will be no increase in school fees in 2018.

From next year, parents and guardians can expect an all-inclusive fee structure, which will replace the previous system. The new structure is inclusive of camps, excursions, IT levies and resources charges. It will now be possible to know at a glance what the total cost of educating a child at Westside will be for the year. Parents will be able to budget effectively and there will be no extra invoices arriving at inopportune times during the year for various activities.

The College will not increase fees in 2018.

Westside Christian College, Fees

Parents can expect a simplified fee structure and no fee increases in 2018.

The decision by the Board to simplify the structure and freeze fee increases recognises the sacrifice many parents make in sending their child to Westside. 


College Principal, Barry Leverton was pleased with the announcement, saying “The Board and Administration is acutely aware of the financial pressure that many of our families are under and we are thrilled to have been able to keep the fees at 2017 levels.”

To learn more about the 2018 Fee Schedule, please contact Mrs Jane Lowday or Mrs Megan Adsett in our Business Office on 3437 9000, or click here to view the full schedule on the College website. To book a personal tour, click here.

Activities which are optional will incur extra costs and some other costs, such as uniforms and devices are not included.

Westside continually seeks opportunities to provide a quality education at an affordable price. In 2017, the College slashed the cost of its extensive bus services. 

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