Westside Wows Competition with Five Premierships

To win one premiership in a season may be considered good fortune. But to win five? That takes grit.

Pass by the front gates of the College and no doubt you will read the motto “an opportunity for everyone.” Walk through the gates, step onto an oval and you’ll see exactly what it means. Five times over.

Training since early Term One, the Secondary junior boys and girls futsal, intermediate girls touch and senior girls and boys touch teams made the most of every opportunity. And it paid off. As the summer CISSA inter-school competition drew to a close, the senior and intermediate girls touch teams remained undefeated.

Dozens of bodies cut, step and pass their way across the oval in the orange glow of the late afternoon.

Westside Christian College has a proud history of sporting performance.

Westside Christian College has a proud history of sporting performance.

Amongst them is Sports Co-ordinator, Lynda Williams. Staring across to the bleachers, she notes, “we punch above our weight year-in and year-out. We participate and don’t give up. It’s the camps, it’s the coaches, it’s a sense of team spirit.” More than one-in-five Westside students on the secondary campus competed in the team sports competition.

These achievements coincide with the launch of a new bus service on the Secondary campus. Lana Harch, former W-League Player of the Season and proud Westside coach, notes “students were encouraged to take advantage of the two new bus runs, departing at 4:30pm and 5:30pm daily. They can travel, train and play and at the end of it be dropped to their door.”

These sentiments are seconded by Joshua Mansfield, Head of Secondary, “Whilst we are excited about winning five premierships, we are more excited about the increased involvement of students and staff.  Adding to this is our Fitness Centre being used twice a week, staffed by a personal trainer and additional coaching has assisted in helping our students to compete well.”

The year is only two terms in, but already Westside has offered cross country training, swimming training, tennis training and athletics training.  Westside is a hive of activity once the school bell rings at 2:50 pm.


Westside Christian College. An opportunity for everyone.



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