Big Day for Little Scientists!

Big Day for Little Scientists

Street Science visit Year 2 Students

Prep and Year 2 students do Science the SUPER COOL way!

 April 19 was a super cool day  of hands-on Science activities for our Prep and Year 2 students. Two separate events were organised to enrich learning in their respective Science units:  a  “Science Spectacular ” day for Prep, and a visiting Street Science show for Year 2.  The Year 2 students enjoyed a stage show and workshop by the Street Science group, focusing on a range of Year 2 Science Curriculum topics including forces, mixing materials and natural resources.   They were entertained with a few incredible science demonstrations, then participated in two different ‘hands on’ experiments exploring changes to materials after measuring and mixing chemicals.    “Everyone found it a very exciting and interesting morning!”  observed  Mrs Longwill, Year 2 teacher.

Meanwhile the Prep children were engaged in their ‘Science Spectacular,’ a day organised for some hands-on learning through play.  Children came to school in free clothes ready to engage in experiments with water, slime and bubbles.  They also experimented with sinking and floating, volume,  rocket making and  seed planting.  The ‘Science Spectacular’ was the introduction to this term’s Science program where children bring in an experiment to show the class for their ‘Show and Tell.’

Mrs Edwards (Junior Primary Co-coordinator) commented that “Hands-on Science activities and investigations are essential components in the early years, promoting thinking skills and problem solving in a fun and effective way.”    


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