History Comes to Life at Westside

Ancient and Modern History students are more equipped than ever to understand their world thanks to an immersive day at the Abbey Museum of Art and Archaeology.

It’s not every day that students are able to get their hands dirty and literally dig into history. But at Westside, Year 11 Ancient and Modern History students get to experience this every year! On Tuesday, the Ancient and Modern History cohort made the annual trek to the Abbey Museum at Caboolture to give students an opportunity to experience the practical side of History.

Students are guided through the process of conducting an archaeological dig.

In Unit 1 of both subjects, Westside students cover topics that include understanding archaeology and how it is done. But now, Westside students know how to perform it!

The day included a visit to the Museum guided by knowledgeable volunteers, followed by a simulated archaeological dig of an ancient Roman site in Britain.

Westside students are now practically prepared for digs using the grid method of archaeology and to record their results. Towards the end of the day, the museum challenged the students to deduce from the evidence what might have taken place at the site.

It was truly a hands-on experience that provided students with a better appreciation for how archaeology has helped us understand the past.

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